ABC13's The Midday- Go Texan Day!

From the cutest children to our favorite furry friends, here are our favorite Go Texan Day looks this year!

Video Transcript


- Good morning, everyone and welcome to Midday. Happy Friday to you. Glad you can join us. Hope you have a great weekend planned. It's going to be beautiful weather, that's for certain.

All right, here's the Sky Eye video we're talking about. The big story of the day, of course, is crews continuing to work there at the Clinton Drive site in East Loop where that break happened. That water advisory, the boiled water effect, that should be lifted later today. So by tomorrow, you should be OK.

Well, one person is dead after a crash involving a Waller ISD school bus in northeast Harris County. That school bus just barely hit, but the driver of the vehicle died. It happened at 2920 Hunters Way, three vehicles involved in a crash. Started when a car hit a septic tank, then hit the bus. The driver of the car died. No other injuries reported.

And we are also hearing this morning from a homeowner who was involved in a gunfight with a home invasion suspect in Katy. Here's how that played out. The homeowner told deputies that he had heard a man kick in his door. Moments later, officials say both men opened fire.

- So I just started shooting. I started shooting at the light. He shot back at me a couple of times, and then I leaned back over again. And I shot back the last few times, and that's when I hit him. And I heard him groaning a little bit. He fell down the stairs.

- That intruder was hit in the arm and is expected to survive. The homeowner, fortunately, was not hurt.

The search continuing this morning in north Houston for the gunman who opened fire on police, actually, when he was trying to run away. Police just stopped to talk to a person acting suspiciously. That's when the man ran off, fired at least one shot at officers. No officers were hit. Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers.

Well, today loved ones begin paying their respects to Faye Bryant. She served decades with the HISD as an administrator and deputy superintendent. She was also the international president for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Tonight's visitation begins at 7:00 o'clock, Wesley Chapel. AME Church, that is. Her funeral is tomorrow at 10:00 o'clock at the Fountain of Praise Church on Hillcroft.

Now, turning to politics, always a lot to talk about here. Your voice, your vote. Early voting in Texas, that will all end today. Polls are open until 7:00 o'clock. You have until that time to get to the polls. If you don't get to them, you can vote on Tuesday, of course.

Two Democratic candidates running for president, making their pitch to Houstonians over the coming days, these two right here. Elizabeth Warren will be at Discovery Green tomorrow. Joe Biden will visit on Monday. All leading up to Super Tuesday. That's when the most states will hold nominating contests, including Texas.

ABC13, your home for Super Tuesday. Our live coverage begins at 7:00 o'clock followed by the news at 10:00 o'clock. Then after that, we will have live coverage on of all the local, state, and national races. This is the big delegate grab. I believe more than 256 delegates will be up on Tuesday, so the person who wins that, of course, surely onto better days ahead in the Democratic competition.

It is Texan Day. That's right, Friday. Welcome all Texans here with your cowboy hats and your boots, and it is Go Texan Day with all of the riders coming into town. This is video from Sky Eye earlier today. The trail rides all this morning making their way into town. They should be arriving at Memorial Park later this afternoon.

They prepare themselves, they camp out for the night, and then tomorrow morning, of course, they have the big parade. Today is also day 2 of the Rodeo World Championship Barbecue Contest. If you're going, check out the bottlecap wall. Rodeo Houston posted these photos on Instagram last night. There's some famous people out there participating in the rodeo.

Last night, people enjoyed live music, drinks, and, of course, the food. The Rockin' Barbecue Salon and Chuckwagon open in less than an hour. The cook off wraps up tomorrow.

And since it is Go Texan Day, of course, we encourage everyone throughout the city to wear their best. Look at this cute girl on our Facebook page. If you want to post anything out there, we would certainly like to see it. She looks lovely. She looks absolutely terrific.

And be sure to catch the Rodeo Parade in downtown Houston tomorrow. You can watch it right here on ABC 13. Live coverage begins tomorrow morning, 9:00 AM.

And I guess that's about it? Isn't that right, [? Janet? ?] Who else do we have? Oh yeah, look at that. There we have Go Texan Day. There is Nick Natario He has his hat on, and his big boots, I'm sure. Thanks for joining us. Have a terrific weekend, everyone. We'll see you back here next Monday for the Midday.