ShowBiz Minute: Copperfield, Madsen, Swift

David Copperfield halts Vegas show after staffer gets virus; Michael Madsen apologizes to wife at handprint ceremony; Taylor Swift speaks out about sale of her master tapes by music mogul Scooter Braun. (Nov. 17)

Video Transcript

LIZZIE KNIGHT: "AP ShowBiz Minute." Illusionist David Copperfield is suspending his Las Vegas stage show after a crew member tested positive for COVID-19. The "Las Vegas Review Journal" reported Monday that the magician had no idea yet when his production at MGM Grand will resume. In a statement, Copperfield said his entire crew would be tested again.

Michael Madsen showed off a cut on his forward and apologized to his wife Diana at a ceremony Monday where he placed his hands in cement outside the TSL Chinese theater in Hollywood. The 63-year-old actor said he'd been hospitalized recently, and expressed surprise that his wife had joined him at the event. I made a lot of mistakes. I did a lot of bad things he said, addressing his wife.

Taylor Swift has spoken out on Twitter about the sale of her master tapes by music mogul Scooter Braun. Swift wrote that the deal with a private equity firm was the second time my music has been sold without my knowledge. She's been trying to buy the rights herself since last year, when Braun purchased her former record label. This is Lizzie Knight with "AP Showbiz Minute."