Showers Ahead Thursday

CBS 2 meteorologist Robb Ellis has the forecast.

Video Transcript

ROBB ELLIS: Well temperatures are probably at their warmest right now for where we're going to be the rest of the day. We may drop a little bit and then rebound before we continue cooling down, and it's all because of this. Notice the spin with the upper level system. This is going to take a while to move through and because we do have some time for it to move through, our chances for showers are going to stay with us. So umbrellas are going to be needed sometime today, tomorrow, probably into the weekend, as well, and maybe even into late Sunday or early Monday.

This is the ribbon of moisture we were talking about. I mentioned that we don't have any thunder with this, that's good news. But I am going to keep an eye on it to see if we do have any lightning here and there. Temperatures are mild, 65, but look to the west. See some of the cooler air associated with the upper level system? That's going to be moving our way. That's why I think our temperatures are probably at their warmest now and may cool down as time goes on.

Now here's how it'll look on satellite and radar tracker. That ribbon of moisture continuing and probably right over us through about mid-morning or so. Once we get into late morning we may get a break-- although a few showers are certainly going to be possible-- and we may pick this back up as we get into the afternoon. Off and on shower chances, that's going to be the rule. Not just today, but over the next couple of days as well. There's the upper level spin. We had to deal with it on Friday, as well.

Early morning, a few scattered showers. Into the afternoon, a few scattered showers. You get the point here. The pattern is not going to change very much over the next several days. So what you see for the next two days, you could really do for the next four days or so. 66 is where I put my high temperature, but we're probably there right now. Again, we may hold for a bit, and then see the temperatures drop. 62 for tomorrow, and we carry this into the weekend as well, unfortunately. Showers Saturday, and a chance-- a smaller chance-- on Sunday, especially earlier in the day.

I do think we should clear out next week, but the temperatures will drop. And yes, look at Tuesday night, for now. I do have a little patchy frost, it could be possible. Watch for those tender plants.