Showers and storms return for your Thursday morning commute

There is a small chance of a strong storm Thursday morning but the worst of it will be well to our east.

Video Transcript

DAVID TILLMAN: Hello, meteorologist David Tillman with your one minute weather forecast. There's a good chance we miss the big storms that are going to occur across the southern United States on Thursday. An outbreak of severe weather with strong tornadoes, extremely large hail, damaging wind is likely to occur through Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of Tennessee.

Back here, because the system will be moving through when our atmosphere is stable and capped first thing in the morning, we're not expecting much activity. If we do get a strong thunderstorm, it will most likely be to the east of Houston, over parts of Liberty County, up towards Lake Livingston, and then on to the east into parts of Louisiana.

Big thunderstorms out across West Texas will move in our direction but weaken overnight. They'll run into that capped atmosphere that we'll have in place. First thing in the morning, there will be some rain showers around with maybe a clap of thunder. As those storms move into Louisiana, they will begin to intensify again, while our skies will begin to clear as we head into the afternoon.

So Thursday afternoon is going to be sunny and breezy with much lower humidity. That is where the big thunderstorms will be producing tornadoes and hail, again, over parts of Mississippi, maybe even Arkansas, but certainly Mississippi, Tennessee, and parts of Alabama.

Here's the hour by hour forecast for you. Thursday, a 40% chance for rain showers in the morning. And then, look at all that sunshine over that northwest wind in the afternoon. The extended forecast says we'll have more nice weather as we head into Friday. And then starting on Saturday and lasting into early next week at least, we'll enter into a weather pattern with about a 30% chance of a shower and maybe a storm as a cool front settles in.