Showtimes's The Kings Trailer

The Kings, SHOWTIMES's four-part docuseries on Roberto Durán, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard

Video Transcript

- Why do people box? There is a nobility in it.

- Boxing is a metaphor for life. Everyone's fighting for something.

- To see Ali's career, man, you were looking for somebody to step into that void.

- The golden boy, the perennial underdog, the Latin American idol, and Mr. Detroit-- the four kings gave us maybe the greatest period in the history of the sport.


- Boxing seems to always have a connection with the battles going on in life.

- Racism was a big thing in our lives.

- Boxing, for me, was a way of making a statement.

- It provides heroes for us. Lord knows politics doesn't.

- Those who say that there are no heroes, they just don't know where to look.

- The Durán was a symbol for the entire southern hemisphere.

- For that moment, the world was focused on boxing.

- When you have nothing else, feed the faith, starve the doubt.


- I had to fight for my respect.

You have to be fighting for something.



You have to be burning to become something that society told you you couldn't be.

- This one will go all the way.


- No matter where you've come from, your race, your creed, if you're determined enough--

- Come on, baby!

- If you're trained enough, and if you care enough, you can become champion of the world.


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