Which Shuttered Evergreen Park Business Would You Bring Back?

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EVERGREEN PARK, IL — You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, and part of that is watching your favorite stores, bars and restaurants close.

Evergreen Park Patch recently asked readers: If you could bring back one local business that closed in town (it doesn't matter how long ago), which would it be?

From COVID closures to blasts from the past, these are the local businesses in and around Evergreen Park that readers miss most.

  • Mt greenwood hardware

  • I’m torn between Garden Video and Francisco Market

  • The candy shop on the corner of 99th and Kedzie where it’s now just a lot.

  • Towers bowling alley

  • Naugles !! Macho taco-no onions or gauc and deluxe burger!! Best for Sunday late morning lunch !

  • Lagen’s or as we would say IGA

  • Does anyone remember a sub sandwich shop named Tekes on Kedzie , across from EP high school?

  • First National Bank of Evergreen Park. I was a freshman in college in October 1967 and I was hired as a teller there for the new 8 lane motorbank they opened. The Ozinga family was very kind to me. I worked Monday and Friday evenings and Saturdays. Whenever I was on break from college they let me work full time. I kept that job until I started teaching in September of 1971.

  • Lang Lee by far the best Chinese food on earth!

  • Paragon restaurant among others I miss.

  • Cupid on 95th Sawyer

  • Caputos off of 79th and Southwest Highway

  • I know it says one but I have 3. Cupid's, Lagen's, and Lang Lee

  • Penny candy store! In Evergreen Park

  • Menu Mart

  • Carson Pirie Scott

  • P.J. Flaherty’s

  • Snackville junction, bleekers, pizza man. I can't pick just one

  • Mt Greenwood Discount Record and Tapes

  • Bleekers bowling alley

  • J and R Variety Store at 64th and Pulaski

  • Exclamations

  • Beka Florist

  • Naples bakery for some cannoli

Which shuttered Evergreen Park business would you bring back? Comment below, or join the conversation on the Evergreen Park Patch Facebook page.

This article originally appeared on the Evergreen Park Patch