‘Soul crushing;’ Man says dogs returned from local trainer were ‘sickening’

A victim is speaking out after police removed several dogs from an alleged dog training business in Brookville.

As News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott reported at 6 p.m., Randy Reed got two puppies for Christmas — Emmy and Bailey.

“We realized we really needed to get some help training,” Reed said.

So he contacted the owner of Dayton Dog Trainers.

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“He really assured me that he was going to do a great job for us,” Reed said.

Reed dropped off his dogs for a two-week course.

But when he came to pick them he didn’t see what he expected from a dog training course.

“The dog crates were a mess. The crates were soiled, the dogs were dirty.” He said. “They have rashes on their bellies from laying in urine.”

Far from the living comfortably that Reed was promised.

“They were gaining five pounds a week and then they hadn’t gained a pound in the two weeks that they were there and one actually lost a little weight,” he said.

He had to take his dogs to the vet after their stay and tried to sue since he paid thousands for a service he claims he didn’t get.

He began to find other victims like himself.

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“I talked to somebody that had a bad experience 12 years ago,” Reed said.

Police are now involved.

“We’re up to approximately 30 victims at this time,” John Davis, Public Information Officer for the Tactical Crime Suppression Unit said. “There could be upwards to 60 to 90.”

News Center 7 tried to reach out to Dayton Dog Trainers for a statement but never heard back.

“It’s hard to believe that there’s people out there that would do this ... taking advantage of people in this way,” Reed said.

Davis encouraged anyone who thinks they may be a victim to contact Sgt. Jeff Muncy with the Miamisburg Police Department.