A 'significant and far-reaching' heat wave is coming to the U.S. next week

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Joshua Tree sunset.
Joshua Tree sunset. ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Get your A.C. ready —

A "significant and far-reaching" heat wave is expected to bake the U.S. coast to coast over the next few weeks, toppling temperature records and aggravating wildfires and drought conditions on the West coast in particular, Axios and The Washington Post report.

When combined with humidity, temperatures will feel "well into the triple digits" for millions of Americans, per the Post, as the heat dome — or an area of high pressure aloft that helps to lock in place hot, dry weather, per Axios — forms this weekend over the West then migrates across the Central Plains. The pattern might also spark severe thunderstorms and strong winds in the northern Great Lakes and New England regions in late July and into August, reports the Post.

The Plains could face temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90s or lower 100s, while the Southeast plans to sit pretty in the mid-to-upper 90s range. Many areas in the West could top 100 degrees, writes the Post.

Although heat domes are expected this time of year, climate change is exacerbating their "intensity, duration, and frequency," writes Axios. This will be the "fifth distinct heat wave the U.S. will have seen so far this summer." Read more at Axios and The Washington Post.

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