Signs That Your Face Mask Doesn't Fit Correctly

This year's must have accessory is one we didn't see coming: the face mask.Fortunately, we are adapting quickly to our new accessory. Here are some tips for making sure a mask fits like it should:.A mask that fits properly should be worn from the bridge of your nose to under the chin for maximum protection.Wearing a mask under your chin is useless, since your face is exposed.If your mask is leaking air around the bridge of the nose or the sides, it's time to try a different mask size.Your mask should also sit comfortably on the nose without having to constantly readjust it.Those with smaller faces and heads should consider a face mask with straps that can be tightened to fit snugly on your face.Finally, here's a simple test. If you can blow out a lighter through your mask, that mask is not effective