Simone Biles on athletes using their voice to change the world

The U.S. Olympian talks about finding her own voice, the importance of athletes speaking up for what they believe in.

Video Transcript

SIMONE BILES: Now that I've kind of found my voice, I feel like not only can benefit me, the team, and the people that I'm supporting and advocating for, but it kind of helps everybody. And people get to see a little bit of who you are just besides an athlete, and what you stand for. And I think that's really neat.

But it wasn't easy to find my voice, or to put it out there, because it's a little bit scary about what people are going to say, because at the end of the day, a lot of people are like, oh, you're an athlete. But we're not just athletes. We're people, too, and we have a right to speak up for what we believe in.

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