How simple status update, pic on Facebook can put your home at risk for thefts

Washington, Oct 12 (ANI): A simple status update or uploading a picture on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can also put you and your home at risk for theft and intrusions, says a report.

A status update about your upcoming vacation or a check-in at a restaurant allows a person's home to be vulnerable to criminal activities because burglars are actually using these tools to follow through with perfectly-timed robberies.

In the most recent incident, bandits broke into a 17-year-old Australian girl's mother house after seeing her post a photo of herself on Facebook counting a large sum of money, Huff Post reports.

So, what you may think is a fun and harmless photo can actually end up costing you, the report said.

According to the report, people should follow some simple ways to protect themselves from such incidents of burglaries and other crimes.

One should not announce vacations on social media sites, as it can make your home a easy target for burglars, the report said.

Simply de-friending people you don't know well enough, and disable travel plans and your location information on your phones, it added. (ANI)