Simply the Best: The Top 10 10mm Guns for This Year

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The 10mm is making a big comeback

Simply the Best: The Top 10 10mm Guns for This Year

The P220 is head and shoulders above many of their competitors’ models in that it features SigLite signature night sights for easy target acquisition and a threaded, chrome-lined barrel that provides the gun owner with handgun longevity.

Many gun aficionados have heralded the 9mm handgun as the ideal self-defense firearm, but despite its popularity, the “nine milli” is not the only worthy choice available.

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On the contrary, the 10mm is making a big comeback and it’s got just as many excellent attributes as its counterpart.

First developed in 1983 thanks, in part, to the concerted efforts of the FBI and the Smith & Wesson gun company.

The 10mm is a rimless large pistol with a maximum pressure of 33,000 psi that has some serious power.

The findings of multiple ballistic gel tests found that the 10mm could travel more than 17 inches after impact whereas the 9mm could only travel 13 inches after impact.

In other words, a 10mm could penetrate two people at center mass and continue traveling.

While the 10mm fell by the wayside for many years, recent advances in metallurgy have resulted in a surge in popularity. Modern pistol models are better equipped to handle the 10mm caliber than those built in the 1980s.

Today, we’re going to take a look our my top picks for best 10mm pistols.

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