The Sims 4 responds to backlash over console control changes

the sims 4 eco lifestyle
Sims 4 responds to backlash over console controlsEA

The Sims 4 has responded to console players' complaints over the recent and controversial changes to the controls of the game.

As part of the January 31 update, the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the popular life simulation game received a number of features and control adjustments that were aimed at improving navigation with a controller.

Some of the biggest changes revolved around the Build/Buy mode, but a large number of players have voiced dissatisfaction, expressing that building has become much more "difficult", "frustrating", and "tedious" and calling for the controls and navigation to be reverted to how it was before.

Disabled Simmers have also described the Build/Buy mode to be unplayable for them since the update.

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You can read the complaints in the ongoing Answers HQ thread, which has had more than 600 posts at the time of writing.

An EA community manager gave a response in the thread earlier today (March 24), confirming that the developers have been listening to the feedback and are "actively working" on changes that will hopefully resolve the issues players have been facing.

"We wanted to pop in to provide an update on this," the community manager posted. "The team has been hard at work reviewing all of your thoughts and concerns provided thus far, and is actively working to update and further improve your console experience.

the sims 4 eco lifestyle

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"We truly appreciate all the feedback you've been sharing on these changes. It’s abundantly clear that The Sims 4 community feels passionately about this topic, and we’re doing our best to ensure the console experience is the best it can be.

"Thank you again for helping us by providing your great feedback. We truly believe The Sims 4 has the greatest, most passionate fans, and that you’re what make The Sims so great."

At the moment, there are no details on what changes will happen or when console players can expect an update to be rolled out.

Meanwhile, the game launched a large amount of new content last week, including a base game update focusing on the infants life stage and Growing Together, an expansion that centres on evolving family gameplay.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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