Single-family housing is part of the American dream. Don’t change it, Charlotte

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Charlotte housing

Regarding “Big plan to guide Charlotte development faces delay, concerns in City Council,” (March 3):

I urge the Charlotte City Council to not approve a plan that would allow greater density on single-family lots in Charlotte.

Back in 1988 when we came to check out moving to Charlotte we loved the character of Myers Park, Dilworth , Wendover, etc. We weren’t going to buy there as our budget couldn’t afford it, but we felt that Charlotte was preserving the character of its history by keeping these neighborhoods.

Single-family housing is part of the American dream and you would destroy it. This is not a solution to affordable housing.

Ann Marie Lloyd, Charlotte

University City

Regarding “Library, developer near deal to move branch to center,” (Feb. 28):

Regarding progress made on plans to relocate the University City Regional Library to Waters Edge at University Place, a big round of applause to EB Arrow developers, who see the value in combining housing, commercial and civic uses in a single transit and bike-friendly location. That’s the kind of payoff University City residents have been hoping for since the Blue Line extension opened in 2018.

Now it’s up to George Dunlap and the county commissioners to pony-up sufficient “off-cycle” funding and propel this major project forward. Before it’s too late.

Martin Zimmerman, Charlotte

Biden, the border

Like many Republicans, I was able to bring myself to vote for a brash narcissist like Donald Trump primarily because of his opposition to illegal immigration. His role in bringing about COVID vaccines in an incredibly short time was a big plus.

While understandably sympathetic to their plight, President Joe Biden — the champion of “unity” — is alienating millions of citizens by setting up “rapid-processing hubs” to accommodate the newly-motivated and growing number of people crossing our southern border.

Phil Clutts, Charlotte

Phil Clutts
Phil Clutts

Cut Biden slack

I am thoroughly confused. President Biden has been in office approximately 40 days, yet he is receiving sniping from both Republicans and some Democrats.

Let’s get real here. President Trump was a divisive force in our government and will go down in history as one of the worst presidents. Biden has worked to get the stimulus package passed and his promise to move the COVID-19 vaccine along has been nothing short of magnificent. Give this administration a break.

Jeff Kanner, Tega Cay

Conceit of the left

Regarding “Americans are dying of despair, and Biden must address it,” (March 4 Opinion):

The government forces a shutdown of society and then wonders why people feel lonely. Then it offers the solution in the form of a government program. How convenient. Columnist Andres Oppenheimer once again lays bare the conceit of the progressive left.

If the American dream is in tatters (and I don’t think we’re there yet), one must ask, “Why?”

I believe the answer is found in the following quote from George Stigler: “The economic role of the State has managed to hold the attention of scholars for over two centuries without arousing their curiosity.”

Bill Girone, Charlotte

Misplaced loyalty

I am concerned regarding the political situation in our country. Namely, the refusal of so many people to believe facts outlined by people in authority, who are also well qualified. I have heard, in the media and in person, comments from people who refuse to believe claims from Homeland Security, the FBI, law enforcement, state officials and the Supreme Court. However, most proudly proclaim their firm belief in whatever the ex-president has to say. I’m sure others share my alarm as to where this is all going.

Noel A Triplett, Charlotte

Political picks

A March 5 Forum letter argued that a president’s appointees “should not be selected based on diversity, but should be the most qualified and experienced person in the field...” Oh please! Most of Donald Trump’s cabinet appointees had little or no expertise in or knowledge of their position. Remember Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who’d never attended a public school? Trump’s only requirement was blind loyalty.

Terry Keith, Charlotte

Saving butterflies

As an old guy, I usually talk about real things — money, jobs, how the other side is ruining the country. Then I read the Feb. 26 article about monarch butterflies threatened by extreme weather, fires and drought.

First I thought, “Who gives a bleep about butterflies?” Then I remembered that little kids on my street act like butterflies are precious fairies. In fact, when I slow down, I like butterflies too. I don’t see nearly as many as I used to.

Weather has gotten weirder partly because of carbon pollution. Maybe if we went from burning energy to capturing energy, we could save money, create jobs — and save some butterflies, too.

Mark C. Taylor, Charlotte