Sister Jean Confident In Ramblers' NCAA Chances Against Illini

Sister Jean is still working on Ramblers v. Illini scouting report, but she did watch the Illini in Big Ten Championship last week and wants to be careful not to give away any of her game plan that she'll share with the players later. She's confident in Loyola.

Video Transcript

- Well, I haven't thought too much about tomorrow's game yet. Because I-- I just said to some friends here that I didn't want to mix up anything of Georgia Tech with Illinois. And so I'm sort of going right now by having watched Illinois play. And what I want to do is go to the website this afternoon and look at the box score to see how Illinois did against Ohio State. I watched the game, so Ohio State almost beat them, as you know.

But from the rest of my information on Illinois, we might have somebody sitting in this group from there. And I don't want to tell my secret. So when I say the prayer tomorrow with the young men, which I haven't written yet, because I have to think about it first, then write it, my first draft, and then have it ready for them tomorrow before the game.

What we do is they connect me by telephone, because I can't-- I can't go down on the field. I can't go to the locker room, or anything like that. So we communicate by phone, and I'll chat with them first. And then, I will say the prayer with them, where I give my scouting report. Porter doesn't mind that I do that. Our coach doesn't mind. Because we're always on the same page.