Sister Of Melino Liu, Grant High Teen Who Drowned In American River, Talks To CBS13

Poliana Liu, the sister of 17-year-old drowned swimmer Molino Liu, says he couldn't swim and that urged him not to get into the water. His body was found early Sunday morning near the El Manto river access area.

Video Transcript

- The Grant High school senior died just weeks from graduation. CBS 13 Renee Santos is live near the river, with what happened, Renee.

RENEE SANTOS: Curtis, we're not far from the area where 17-year-old Melino Liu went into the water here, and right now the water does look relatively calm, but it's underneath that can be extremely dangerous. And I just spoke to a sister who says she lost her other brother six years ago who also drowned. She said she told Melino not to get into the deep end, to stay in the shallow area.

POLIANA LIU: He was just a kind-hearted person.

RENEE SANTOS: Poliana Liu is still processing the death of her younger brother, 17-year-old Melino Liu, he drowned over the weekend after going into the American River without knowing how to swim or wearing a life jacket. She says Molina was out with friends, celebrating a birthday.

POLIANA LIU: Because he came home to get some-- change clothes, to change into swimming, for swimming. And I told him, I was like, be careful in the waters, don't go in the deep end. Him and his best friend and another person they went to-- you know, went towards the water. And that's how I found out.

RENEE SANTOS: Melino never resurfaced. The sheriff's office later found his body at a deep spot with poor visibility. Poliana says Melino was looking forward to graduating from Grant High school and joining the military. Instead of watching him accept his high school diploma, she will now accept it in his honor.

POLIANA LIU: That love him, that I wish he didn't.