‘Sister Wives’ star Meri Brown reveals split from boyfriend: 'Had to face some hard truths'

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Meri Brown's first public romance post-polygamy has come to an end. The "Sister Wives" star star revealed Jan. 17 she was dating a new man and introduced him to her Instagram followers. In a Feb. 28 post, she said her relationship with Amos, whose last name was not disclosed, had come to an end.

"Last week, I had to face some hard truths and have some difficult conversations," she wrote in a caption.

Based on her words, the relationship seemed to have ended because of misaligned values and visions of the future.

"Just because I care a lot about someone, and him me, does not equate to full compatibility for a long-term relationship. When we have different dreams and aspirations, different communication styles and values, different visions for our futures, and these things aren’t aligning, it’s then that we need to make hard decisions," she said.

The post was melancholy, writing, "It's a strange and sad thing to care about someone so deeply, to look beyond their past, because heaven knows we all have one, to see the kindness in their eyes and their giving heart, and still know that a life long relationship isn’t in the cards for you."

In the initial announcement, Meri shared several photos of her beau Amos and a lengthy message about their budding romance.

"Birthday #53 is looking a bit different for me this year, and might I say, I like how it looks!" she captioned the post. "Meet Amos, the good looking guy I’ve been dating since October!"

The reality star went on to describe this Amos fellow.

"He’s not 6 foot 6, nor is he a pilot, but he loves Christmas almost as much as I do, and we laugh a lot together, both of which are important elements to a relationship!" she wrote.

More importantly, Amos has won the seal of approval of Meri's dog.

"Also, Zona absolutely loves him (be sure to swipe to see the cutest picture!)" she wrote.

'Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown has a new boyfriend (@therealmeribrown via Instagram)
'Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown has a new boyfriend (@therealmeribrown via Instagram)

Meri, whose strained marriage to Kody played out on reality TV for several years, explained why she's been somewhat quiet about her love life since she announced their breakup in January 2023.

"I’ve been keeping this kind of close to me as we’ve been enjoying the last few months of dating and getting to know each other. As I’ve considered when and how I wanted to share this fun news and share him with the world (jk, not really sharing, I’m keeping him to myself 😉) I knew I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a special way and let you celebrate this with me!" she wrote.

'Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown has a new boyfriend (@therealmeribrown via Instagram)
'Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown has a new boyfriend (@therealmeribrown via Instagram)

Meri ended her post by anticipating the year ahead with a positive message.

"I feel like I’m getting this year off to a great start, and I can’t wait to share more with you as the year moves forward!" she wrote and added the hashtag #Morein2024.

The reality star said she hoped to marry again one day. During a "Sister Wives: One on One" special, she said she was happy for her former sister wife, Christine Brown, who recently remarried.

“I have hope that I will find somebody to share my life with, yeah,” she said.

Later on, Meri even said she would like to get married again when she finds her soulmate.

“I hope to find somebody who loves and accepts the person that I am and cherishes me and knows my heart and likes it,” she said.

Meri, in the Instagram post announcing her breakup from Amos, said she was interested in dating again. "It’s only in the dating process that you can come to these realizations, that’s what living and dating is all about. When the time is right for me, I will dip my toes into this process again," she said.

Kody and Meri's breakup was televised in the Season 18 finale of "Sister Wives.

As Meri explained in a confessional interview, the couple had decided that their marriage "really was not going to move forward." But she wanted to make sure it was shown on TV for one particular reason.

“But the thing is, every conversation that he and I have had about it has been private, has just been between me and him. And he actually has said that he did not want it to be public,” she said. “And I don’t think that’s fair because I think it’s important that it’s public and I think it’s important that Robyn hears it.”

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