Sisters deliver babies on same day at same Maryland hospital

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. - A pair of sisters from Prince George's County were pregnant around the same time, but they never had the same due date – until one morning, plans changed, and both of them ended up at Holy Cross Hospital.

Shyann Payne was ecstatic when she found out there was a chance that she and her big sister would have their babies on the same day at the same hospital.

"I told the nurses … That was the first thing on my mind," Payne recalled. "Even being in pain, ‘My sister is here too please.'"

"I woke up to a text message from my mom saying, ‘Shyann is in labor, and she’s on the way to the hospital, and I’m like my water just broke, so I’m right behind you guys!" Sasha Bunch told FOX 5.

Shyann said that the hospital staff opened her door, so she could hear her sister while she was in labor.

"I’m in my room yelling ‘push, push go Shyann,’ So you could literally hear me cheering her on," Bunch said.

Cheering each other on is something they've done since childhood.

"Since she told me she was pregnant; we’ve been at each other’s hips," Payne added.

Payne gave birth to a baby girl, Saharra, Saturday evening.

And just before the clock hit twelve, Saharra's cousin Cairo – a baby boy – was born next door.

"We call them ‘twasins’ pretty much cousins, twin cousins," Bunch said. "When they are near each other, they don’t cry. They are pretty much quiet and content. So we know they are going to love each other very very much."

The sisters have already scheduled playdates.