Sisters Say Mom Is ‘Extremely Paranoid’ In Belief That A Neighbor Is Poisoning Her

In Australia, Amy and her sister, Emily, say they’re concerned about their mother, Marie, who is taking extraordinary measures – like sleeping outside in a tent – because she claims that a neighbor is poisoning her and her husband, Gordon, with toxic fumes. “The situation with my mother is very extreme,” says Emily, claiming that Marie is “extremely paranoid” and has covered her home in security cameras, which she monitors throughout the day. “It’s absolutely taken over their life,” says Amy. Marie claims these “attacks” have been going on since 2017 and says she also believes this person is invading her privacy with listening devices. Why do Emily and Amy say they fear their mother is at her breaking point and could “snap” at any time? ”Dr. Phil Down Under: ‘Poisoned in Our Own Home?’” airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have an outrageous story that will shock Dr. Phil?

Video Transcript

- For the past few years, my mom and her partner believe that someone in the neighborhood has been trying to poison them.

- This is our beautiful place, and our house is getting polluted. Ridiculous.

- It's absolutely taken over their life.

- The situation with my mother is very extreme. My mother thinks that somebody is trying to murder her.

- A few years ago, when all this began, my mom was so paranoid she covered her house in security cameras. There's at least 20 of them.

- And this is the cameras.

- Her behavior definitely escalated from then.

- Every day, my mom goes through the footage of the night before. She's constantly looking at the monitors throughout the day and journaling everything.

- These are my diaries. I started documenting every minute of the day, just about.

- Whenever I'm speaking to my mom on the phone she's like, oh, I've got to go inside, this person has just lit up another chemical bomb.

- My mom spent $40,000 on a new roof to stop the poison from entering. My mom and her partner have been sleeping in a tent on the front veranda--

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight. I'll be straight in behind you, don't worry.

- --because they believe the house is full of poison. My mom believes the person that is poisoning her has a directional mic and that they can hear everything that she says inside her home. She constantly plays the radio because she thinks people are listening to her all the time.

- And if she wants to say anything to this person, she whispers with them. She will say, I have been to the police.

- My mom is extremely paranoid and she won't leave the house for long periods of time.

- Whenever she does leave her house, she's sneaking out the back yard because she does not want this person to see her leaving. I feel like my mother is at her breaking point. And she could snap and do something serious that she might regret.

- I'm really scared for my mom's life. I'm also scared of what she could possibly do. My mom's behavior has become so erratic, a few months ago she said to me, if she had a gun, she would shoot the person she believes is poisoning her.

PHIL MCGRAW: Well, joining us virtually is Amy and Emily.

Amy, Emily, it's good to meet the two of you.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- Nice to meet you.

PHIL MCGRAW: So tell me about your-- your mother. Let's talk about her first. This is something that has displayed itself just of late, right? She hasn't been this way all of her life.

- No.

- No, not at all. She started becoming quite obsessive shortly after her mother died.

- Did this ramp up, Emily, or did it come on all at one time?

- It started to ramp up. So it started with, she thought that the neighbor was throwing prickles on her lawn. And then, the neighbors, she thought that this person was poisoning her plant. And then, it went to security cameras from there, she started installing them.

PHIL MCGRAW: Amy, you say that she said if she had a gun, she would shoot-- what did she say about that? I mean, was she really agitated and serious about it?

- I received a pretty stressful call from her. She was quite upset and quite erratic. She was so overwhelmed with the symptoms and what had been going on that she said, you know, she got to the point now where if she had a gun, she would feel like she'd want to shoot this person.