"Situation is dynamic": Ukrainian Armed Forces respond to Western analytics' reports on Russians making "marginal gains" near Bakhmut

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The situation in Bakhmut and its vicinity is dynamic, but the Russian forces have not been able to secure any strategic advantage in the area.

Source: Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesperson for the Skhid (East) Group of Forces, during the national newscast

Quote: "Here [in the vicinity of Bakhmut] the situation is very dynamic. Enemy forces at times are able to make tactical gains, and these are anticipated. We see them and we are working to counteract them.

It is impossible to talk about [the Russians securing] a strategic advantage in the recent hours or days. This cannot happen. [The situation] is consistently difficult. But [Ukrainian forces] are firing [on the Russians] and undertaking other countermeasures to prevent [Russian forces] from building on their gains."

Details: Cherevatyi added that 14 clashes between Ukrainian and Russian forces took place in the vicinity of Bakhmut over the past day; 86 Russian soldiers were killed and 117 injured.


  • On 28 March, the Institute for the Study of War reported that Russian forces made "marginal gains" to the north and southwest of Bakhmut.

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