Six cargo ships arrive at Odesa coast following extension of grain agreement

Trade port of Odesa
Trade port of Odesa

The bulk carriers Negmar Cicek, ASL Ileana, Rizabey, and SSI Pride are expected to dock at the port of Chornomorsk, while BC Callisto and Deniz M are scheduled to dock at the port of Odesa.

Ships near the coast of Odesa <span class="copyright">Screenshot/Dumska</span>
Ships near the coast of Odesa Screenshot/Dumska

In the morning of March 19, the dry cargo vessel DS Sofie Bulker departed from the port of Pivdennyy with Ukrainian products en route to the UK’s Port of Immingham.

Meanwhile, the publication adds that Russian inspectors continue to sabotage the inspection of ships entering the Bosphorus in the Sea of Marmara. Currently, there are roughly 80 dry cargo vessels and tankers waiting at anchor to be checked.

On July 22, 2022, a grain agreement was established in Istanbul involving Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, and the UN. Two agreements were signed, one creating a corridor for exporting grain from three Ukrainian ports (Chornomorsk, Odesa, and Pivdennyy) and another removing export barriers for Russian food and fertilizers.

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The agreement was extended for 120 days in November, pushing the expiration date to March 18, 2023.

On March 18, the Deputy Prime Minister for the Reconstruction of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov announced the extension of the agreement for the same period.

Russia stated that the extension of the grain agreement is possible only for 60 days, and the further position will be determined depending on “progress in the normalization of Russian agricultural exports.”

The press service of the United Nations confirmed the extension of the agreement, but did not name the term that was agreed upon.

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