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Prabhat Film Studios:

Launched in 1929 in Kolhapur by legendary film director V Shantaram and his filmmaker friends, V G Damle, Keshav Rao Dhaibar, S. Fatelal and S.V. Kulkarni, Prabhat Studios started off with silent films, later entering the talkie era in 1932. The studio relocated to Pune in 1933 and, over the 27 years that it was functional, went on to produce 45 films in Hindi and Marathi. While many of the films that were produced at Prabhat were mythological and devotional in nature, such as Dharmatma based on the life of prominent Marathi sant Eknath, Ayodhyecha Raja/Ayodhya ka Raja(Marathi/Hindi 1932) on King Harishchandra, it also touched upon social topics such as alcoholism (Manoos), and women’s emancipation (Amar Jyoti.) It’s crowning glory was, however, Sant Tukaram, based on the saint-poet and social reformer, which went on to win critical acclaim at the Venice Film Festival in 1937. The rise of freelance actors and stand-alone directors who realised that there was more money to be earned working on a per movie basis, restrictions on the import of stock due to the World War II and severe financial constraints led to the studio going defunct in 1953. The land where the studio once stood in Pune, is now occupied by the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). Image: A still from the film Sant Tukaram

Six iconic studios that we bade goodbye to over the years

With the sale of RK Studios, which will give way to a residential complex by Godrej Properties, India has lost a landmark which saw the rise of one of India’s premier filmmakers and actors, Raj Kapoor, and witnessed some of the most beautiful films made over decades.

Financial constraints and the inability to run the studio, especially after the fire that broke out last year, destroying numerous priceless relics, forced the current Kapoor clan to take the decision of selling it.

RK Studios, however, is not the first one to bid farewell to a glorious past. Numerous other iconic studios have had to bite dust due to various reasons. We take a look at some of them: