This six-mile 2005 Ford GT is a car collector's dream

Tyler Heatley

It is near impossible to get your hands on the latest Ford GT, thanks to the strict criteria the blue oval is placing on potential owners. Even the few cars on the second-hand market that have danced through the legal loophole of Ford’s contracts are selling for millions of dollars.

So, how about buying a brand-new old Ford GT instead? This previous generation 2005 car has never been titled and currently has just six-miles on the clock.

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How could this have happened? Surely everyone in possession of a Ford GT wants to drive it, even just a little? True, but this car has never had an owner as the dealership it was delivered to has been its sole custodian. Zimmerman Ford bought the car back in 2005, but were unable to sell it. It has since sat ‘for sale’ in a showroom until the Hawk Automotive Group bought Zimmerman with the GT as part of the deal.

The Ford GT was a modern-day incarnation of the Le Mans winning Ford GT40 built to celebrate 100 years of Ford. As the GT40 was named after being 40-inches tall, the new supercar couldn’t use the same convention because, well, GT43 sounds a bit naff. Dubbed the GT, this car featured a 5.4-litre supercharged V8 engine with 550bhp and was well received by the motoring press. In total Ford built just over 4,000 examples of this mid-engined supercar.

The Hawk Automotive Group currently has this GT listed for $449,900, which is a substantial increase over its original sticker price of $149,995\. However, this car still might represent something of a bargain for collectors as we haven’t seen another Ford GT with lower mileage than this one.

In years to come, providing that it’s preserved correctly, this has the potential to become a very valuable car indeed. Hawk Automotive Group are even willing to sell the car via a finance deal where you can snag the keys for $4903 a month with just a 20% deposit according to Motor Authority, who spoke with the dealership.