This girl is not a fan of bike thieves

Mike Krumboltz

Bike thieves, be not proud.

A six-year-old girl named Roxy created a homemade sign, blasting the thief or thieves who dared to steal her father's bicycles from their Portland, Ore., home.

The not-so-subtle poster features a drawing of her father looking extremely sad and another of his broken heart. Roxy lays on the guilt extra thick, writing, "Your mom would be so disappointed! Even if she was a villain, she wouldn't want you to be a villain too!"


"It hurt my feelings that my dad was so angry and sad," Roxy told Portland's

Her father, Rob Thompson, told KATU that his daughter even offered to give him her savings so he could replace his bikes.

The (perhaps) future district attorney went on to say, "I want to tell all the people who steal things that it’s a bad idea to steal things."

And if you don't believe Roxy, go ahead and check with your mom. She'll tell you the same thing and maybe even make you a sign.

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