SJ's Qmunity District honors transgender woman killed in Milpitas

"A true loss." San Jose's inclusive Qmunity District is kicking off a weekend of arts and activism. This comes exactly one week after the stabbing death of a beloved trans woman and drag artist, Natalia Smut Lopez.

Video Transcript

- And in the South Bay. San Jose's inclusive community district is kicking off a weekend of arts and activism. This comes exactly one week after the stabbing death of a beloved transwomen. ABC 7 news reporter Amanda Del Castillo shows you how Natalia Smut Lopez is being memorialized.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Every stroke, part of a story and for those visiting the community district in downtown San Jose. This newly unveiled mural tells one of LGBTQ culture, history, and for some a level of heartache.

Depicted in great detail, the face of 24-year-old Natalia Smut Lopez, a transgender woman who was fatally stabbed one week ago Friday.

NATHAN SVOBODA: Natalia is definitely somebody that was really a cognitive part of our community, really a gem in our community. And certainly within our trans people of color community. Here locally in the South Bay Area

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Nathan Svoboda is the president of the Project More Foundation behind the artwork. An 864 square foot space touched by local queer artists and community members.

NATHAN SVOBODA: This is a visual representation that we respect, we honor, and we love all people, including those of our trans families.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: For Smut's family, having her memorialized is making a difference.

VANESSA SINGH: To know that I can always just come down here and see my sister's face and to know that everyone gets to relive her wonderful, bubbly self.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Vanessa Singh says her sister's passion and vibrancy was contagious. Sure to be the topic of conversation as the district kicks off a weekend of art and activism.

NATHAN SVOBODA: We have people in our community that are victims of violence, of senseless violence.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Even in grief, Smut's friends and family, sharing stories of the captivating drag artists who built a community in the South Bay.

VANESSA SINGH: So if anyone can embody that or get any message to love yourself and just to believe and you truly feel you are.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: In San Jose, I'm Amanda Del Castillo, ABC 7 news.