Skater Alex Sorgente describing his sport

Sports Pulse: How skating is different than other olympic sports with Alex Sorgente

Video Transcript

ALEX SORGENTE: How would I describe skateboarding? Skateboarding is like a freedom of speech, I guess you could say. You know there's no coach telling you what to do. There's no routine really, you know. It's all up to you and yourself and being a skateboarder and pushing yourself. Which is really cool. It helps yourself gain self-discipline and, you know, charisma and everything. And you just got to go out there and push yourself to the limit and it's an amazing sport just to get outside and go do something with your friends and meet amazing people through the process and get to travel the world.

I think that just having skateboarding, on how the Olympics finally has decided to put skateboarding into the Games, is a great thing. Skateboarding has always been a huge sport and finally for them to see how it-- how everyone's been touched by it and how it's a very athletic sport, all the other skateboarders are just doing things that are unbelievable nowadays. So I feel like having the Olympics is a whole another way to-- see people on the outside to just look in and see how cool the sport is, as you know.