Skiers expected to flock to Mountain High this weekend

Following a late-winter storm that dumped as much as 12 inches of snow in the San Gabriel Mountains this week, skiers and snowboarders are expected to flock to Wrightwood this weekend.

Video Transcript

- Are getting a lot of snow right now, and of course, that means it's likely going to be a very busy weekend.

- Yeah, I think about that drive up the mountain with all the other cars. Eyewitness News reporter Jane Hernandez joining us live at Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood with a look at the current conditions this morning. Jade?

JADE HERNANDEZ: Good morning, Mark. You're sounding no fun at all. Everyone's excited to get into that traffic, because once they get through traffic and they get up here to a resort like Mountain High, they're going to be so excited to see the snow.

But one thing to keep in mind is that reservations have to be made online. None of the tickets are sold actually at the gate, and everything here is cashless. And when we arrived, the snow machines were making snow. We've been told by the spokesperson up here that basically, they're making snow no matter what, even if it does snow overnight, and it did, about two to four inches overnight came down right here at the Mountain High Resort.

And I will say this, driving through Wrightwood, all clear roads. Now, Mountain High is open at 9:00 this morning, and tickets are still available online for today. But Saturday is definitely filling up. 10 to 12 inches of fresh snow fell yesterday. This was the largest snowstorm of the month, and of course, that's good news for skiers and boarders alike.

JOHN MCCOLLY: It has been a crazy couple months, a crazy year for most of us. But as far as winter goes, it's been a fantastic winter up here at Mountain High. So if you haven't been skiing or snowboarding yet, winter's not over yet. It's still going.

JADE HERNANDEZ: Well, tickets and lessons and rentals, as I mentioned, all have to be purchased in advance. And of course, guests must still wear masks and social distance. Lodges are only available for restrooms and retail purchases. So the one thing to also keep in mind is that when you come up here to enjoy skiing and boarding, it's an outdoor event. Nothing is inside. And I will say--