Hey Gen Z, We Need To Talk About Skinny Jeans

Hey Gen Z, We Need To Talk About Skinny Jeans

This is an article for Gen Z. If you’re not Gen Z, just keep scrolling.

See that? That was was my millennial attempt to use a TikTok format to show you that I am *hip* and *cool* and agree with Gen Z on a lot of things they do not like about millennials: They think it’s dumb that millennials use the word “doggo,” they don’t think “loving pizza” is a personality trait, nor do they care to which “Hogwarts House” you belong. And they really hate that you part your hair to the side ― it’s middle parts only for Gen Z.

But we need to talk about just one of Gen Z’s declarations ― namely that skinny jeans are “over.”

First things first: I don’t currently subscribe to wearing jeans of any sort, skinny or otherwise. There’s still a pandemic, and it’s winter and sweatpants exist. With that out of the way, I have to break something to you.

Millennials didn’t always wear skinny jeans, either.

In fact, much of your wardrobes now were our wardrobes in the ’90s. Have you seen “Clueless” or “Full (not Fuller) House” or any clothing aisle at any Target? Have you ever heard of JNCOs?

Fashion is cyclical. Trends come and go ― and come, and go ― and though it pains me to say this, you might one day too be into the tight, constricting leg jail that is the skinny jean.

And, unlike you, we won’t make fun of you for it. Most likely because we won’t know how to sign on to whatever app you guys are using to make fun of us when the time comes.

One needn’t look any further than any website selling the jeans you have declared superior to prove this point: There’s the Everlane ’90s cheeky straight jean, this baggy pair from ASOS with rips.

We understand because we used to be you.

And ― by the way ― you’re right. Baggy jeans are more comfortable. Sometimes. But skinny jeans have their redeeming qualities, or at least one redeeming quality: stretch.

The point is, skinny jeans will come back “in” at some point. It’s just how fashion goes. And we’ll be ready to tuck them into our knee-high boots when they do.

Oh, are those out, too? I can’t keep up.


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