The Sky Today, January 29, 2023

At 12:02 p.m.: The moon is sextile Neptune

The cosmic weather is quiet today until just after noon, when the Taurus moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces, stimulating psychic sensitivities. This is an ideal influence for making art or music. A better-than-usual understanding of mood, rhythm, and color allows us to recognize the beauty that surrounds us. The more we are tapped into our intuition and senses, the more we feel connected to the planet and each other!

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At 4:03 p.m.: The moon is square Saturn

In the late afternoon, the moon squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, dampening our mood. We may feel distanced from others, or overburdened by work. The more we attempt to ignore our duties and “cheer up,” the greater the gulf becomes. Looking for something, or someone, to blame, may produce a scapegoat, but accusations levied are unlikely to be fair. Take responsibility for your moods by spending time alone to gain perspective.    

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