Slain in Mexico, mother and children laid to rest

They sang and they wept as they laid to rest a mother and her four children.

All victims of a cartel ambush that killed 9 in the hills of Sonora Mexico.

Hundreds gathered in the remote Colonia LeBaron to bury Rhonita Miller LeBaron and her children, who were killed when suspected cartel gunmen ambushed three SUVs. Her's erupted in flames.

Six women and three children died in the ambush.

All of them dual U.S.-Mexican citizens and members of breakaway Mormon communities that settled in Northern Mexico decades ago.

Authorities and relatives say the killings appeared to be the work of the Juarez and the Sinaloa cartels, which battle for control of lucrative drug routes through the mountainous areas into the United States.

Mexico has unleashed its military to fight the cartels but it hasn't helped, instead it's led to more killings as criminal groups split off and fight amongst themselves.