The Slatest for Jan. 23: Why New Hampshire Will Likely Embarrass Biden

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Tonight is the New Hampshire primary—for the Republicans, at least. For the Democrats, officially, South Carolina goes first … but New Hampshire is still holding a vote that won’t technically count—and, whew, it’s kind of a mess! “Joe Biden isn’t even on the ballot. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t make news,” Alexander Sammon writes. “Not the least because Biden—with his record low approval ratings and miserable head-to-head polls—is hardly in a position to weather even a symbolic loss. And he’s (quietly) taking it very seriously.” Sammon explains what’s at stake in the unsanctioned primary.

Plus, in case you missed it: Shirin Ali breaks down all the drama over the Democrats’ new primary calendar.

DeSantis pouts, with a huge shadow of Donald Trump projected behind him on a red wall.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images and Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images.

Where did things really go wrong for Ron DeSantis? Jim Newell homes in on three twists of 2024 that really killed the Florida governor’s campaign.

Two men shaking hands on a plane.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by tongpatong/iStock/Getty Images Plus.

This week, we’re revisiting questions from the archives and digging into how much has changed since Slate began giving advice in 1997—and how much hasn’t.

Today’s time capsule includes questions sent to Prudie in the early 2000s:

Help! I’m Beginning to Dread Flying Because of One Habit Among My Fellow Passengers.

I Reunited With My High School Boyfriend. He Says He Wishes He Could’ve “Locked Me Away” So I’d Be “Untainted.”

Plus: We asked Heather Havrilesky to respond to some present-day questions for Prudie. She weighs in on snarky remarks, excluding mom friends, and a friendly affair.

There’s the beach at sunset, and then there’s Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy. Molly Olmstead reflects on Tim Scott’s romantic gesture to his fiancée, which took place at the latter location.

Plus, in case you missed it: Olmstead explained why Scott once made his virginity a key part of his political persona.

Cillian Murphy smiles as Oppenheimer, holding his hat up in one hand to acknowledge the cheers, as an American flag flies behind him. Beside him, Killers of the Flower Moon’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Barbie’s Margot Robbie appear to hold back tears.
Universal Pictures

The Oscar nominations made it pretty clear who’s going to win Best Picture. Dan Kois considers the presumed front-runner.

Yes, that’s right. Don’t blame the kicker, or the fake punt. Alex Kirshner explains why God clearly must hate the Buffalo Bills.

A flashing sign that reads: stop making signs with bad jokes
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Cole Freeman/Unsplash.

Funny highway safety signs probably don’t even work, and they take resources away from things that do. David Zipper examines the disturbing reason we have them in the first place.

… much like Mike Johnson has been, so far. But “soon he’ll have to choose between the world and Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Jim Newell writes. Yikes!

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