The Slatest for Jan. 30: What a 2022 Prediction About Trump Not Running for President Misunderstood

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Two years ago, Jeremy Stahl predicted that Trump wouldn’t run for president again in 2024. Well, he sure was wrong about that! He takes a thoughtful look back at the things he misunderstood, and finds that they provide an interesting view into where we are now—particularly as we’re seeing how Trump’s courtroom self interacts with his political self.

Plus: Are Trump voters delusional? Hear Me Out examined both sides of the debate:

• Author and professor Frank Buckley argues that writing off Trump voters misses the point.

• Professor Barry Mauer argues that the MAGA movement isn’t just delusional—it’s dangerous, it’s a cult, and it has to be called what it is.

After Iran-backed forces killed U.S. service members in Jordan, Biden needs to send a message back—but it’s a bad idea for him to attack Iran itself, Fred Kaplan argues. He breaks down the reasons why, and outlines what steps world leaders really need to take to avoid a broader Middle East war.

Support for a “two-state solution” has been declining among both Israelis and Palestinians for years. If it’s time to give up on that plan, What Next asks, what’s the alternative?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift embrace
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Everybody, calm down! Scott Nover argues that Taylor Swift is but a fun guest star on the sixth season of a wildly popular TV show. Consider his case!

Wait, why are prosecutors still coming for Alec Baldwin for his role in the Rust shooting? What changed in between the dismissal of the first case and now? Nadira Goffe reached out to a legal expert to help us make sense of it all.

Collage of the movies Crazy Rich Asians, Ticket to Paradise, and Anyone but You, overlaying a photo of a plane in the sky.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, and Universal Pictures.

There is a time and a place to watch a three-hour prestige film about the horrors of humanity, and on a flight is not one of them. David Mack breaks down the most important criteria for a perfect plane movie, and suggests some ideal movies to watch on your next flight.

… much like the coveted Stanley cup. Find out what happened when Heather Schwedel paraded hers around New York City for a week.

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