'Sleepy Tom' Brady jokes with Biden at White House

Brady stood nearby as Biden hailed the team that beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Feb. 7 Super Bowl, his first with Tampa Bay after winning six for the New England Patriots.

Brady took to the lectern and joked about Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud, which have convinced many Republicans that Biden did not win the election, and his description of Biden as "Sleepy Joe," without mentioning Trump by name.

The team gave Biden a Tampa Bay jersey emblazoned with the number 46, because Biden is the 46th president.

Brady has had an up-and-down friendship with Trump, reportedly supporting him for election in 2016 but disagreeing with his 2017 criticism of NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, among other issues.

The Bucs' visit was the first time the reigning Super Bowl champs had been at the White House since 2017, as Biden pushes to unite America after a divisive election.

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