Slovak PM calls war in Ukraine a frozen conflict

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During a state visit to Prague on Nov. 24, Slovakia's new Prime Minister, Robert Fico, called the war in Ukraine a frozen conflict that cannot be solved by sending arms to Ukraine.

The Slovak leader visited Prague on Nov. 24 to meet with the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. After the meeting, Fico stated that he would prefer the Russian and Ukrainian sides sit at a negotiation table but didn't specify how to achieve that.

Czechia has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine throughout the full-scale invasion and has provided substantial military aid to Ukraine.

“There’s no doubt we have different views of some issues,” the Czech Prime Minister stated on Friday.

Fico reportedly said he respects the Czech position and repeated Slovakia was ready to provide humanitarian and other aid to Ukraine. However, Fico also said there is no reason for him to travel to Kyiv but that he would speak with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, about Ukraine's needs in the upcoming winter.

Robert Fico's SMER party won the parliamentary elections on Sept. 30 on a populist platform that promised to immediately end all military aid to Ukraine.

By Oct. 11, the party had formed a coalition government with the left-wing Hlas party and the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party.

Earlier this week, Fico's new government announced that they rejected delivering the 40.3-million-euro ($43.2 million) military aid package for Ukraine proposed by its predecessor.

Under its previous government, Slovakia provided Ukraine with extensive humanitarian and military assistance, including artillery, fighter jets, and other support.

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