Slovak PM demands that Russians be allowed to attend Olympics

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Photo: Getty Images
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Photo: Getty Images
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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico backs the idea of letting Russian athletes compete in the Olympics.

Source: Robert Fico in an interview with Slovak news outlet Pravda

Quote: "First of all, let's note how hypocritical we all are. Why aren't Russian NHL players banned in the US and Canada? And as for the Olympics. Imagine you have a sporting discipline in which the absolute world leader from Russia or Belarus is at the top of the list.

You ban them from competing, and someone with the lowest probability of winning ends up victorious. Then what is the value of this gold medal? I would not prevent the athletes from competing; just let them prove they can win," Fico said.

Details: Fico is a well-known lover of Russian propaganda and, consequently, Russian money. After his election, he banned aid to Ukraine and has been constantly demanding that sanctions against the Russians be lifted.

The Slovak prime minister gave an interview to a local newspaper in which he said that the Russians should not be prevented from winning. He used the fact that they continue to play in the NHL as an example.

Earlier, Ukrainian athletes signed a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron asking him not to allow Russians to participate in the Olympics.

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