Slovakia's new Prime Minister calls Ukraine most corrupt country in the world

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has said that Ukraine is "the most corrupt country in the world", speaking about doubting the need to increase the European Union's financial assistance for it.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Dennik N, Fico in a comment to journalists on Friday after the EU summit

Details: As the Slovak Prime Minister said, Ukraine "is the most corrupt country in the world, and this applies to all levels of government".

He questioned the appropriateness of providing Ukraine with 50 billion euros of aid for 2024-2027, adding that there is no agreement between EU member states on this issue, so he expects an extraordinary EU summit to resolve it.

"Did the financing of Ukraine change the outcome of this war?" the Slovak Prime Minister asked rhetorically and then asked again whether anything all that significant happened as a result of this support and whether it is worth continuing to finance Ukraine.

"So let's invest another 50 billion, and it doesn't matter what happens?" Fico added.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia said that the EU does not have a "peace plan", and several prime ministers of the union countries are "driven into a dead end" by the situation in Ukraine because they do not know what will happen next.

"If the strategy is to continue to pour money there, 1.5 billion euros per month without any result, and we have to cut our own resources? After all, we have huge problems, and public money is in a difficult state," he believes.

Earlier, Politico reported that at a meeting of EU leaders on Thursday, Fico issued a warning regarding the allocation of further financial aid to Kyiv due to corruption in Ukraine.

At the same time, the Slovak Prime Minister says that his country is ready to increase its contribution to the EU budget over the next four years by 400 million euros so that Ukraine receives an aid package of 50 billion euros – on certain conditions.

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