Slow start to campaign season

Jan. 6—This week is the first for candidates for municipal offices to file for this year's election. There was no real rush of people to jump into the races for city and town representatives.

The first person to file was David Dahl. Dahl, a Republican, has served multiple terms on the Washington City Council and is running for an at-large seat. As of Friday afternoon, Dahl was the only person to file papers to run in the clerk's office.

The May 2 primary will decide whose name goes on the ballot in Washington for mayor, clerk-treasurer and seven city council seats. The deadline to file for the primary is Feb. 3.

Elections will also be held this year for town board positions in Alfordsville, Cannelburg, Odon, Montgomery, Elnora, and Plainville. Each of the communities will be able to select town board members and clerk-treasurers.

Candidates for those positions generally file as independents. Independent candidates have until June 30 to file their paperwork in the clerk's office to be on the ballot.