Cool front moves toward Houston, showers possible today

A weak front approaching late Wednesday could fire up a strong thunderstorm near Houston, but a better chance for storms arrives late Friday.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: There's a small chance of a big thunderstorm late Wednesday, but a better chance of some needed downpours coming our way late Friday. I'm Chief Meteorologist Travis Herzog with your one-minute weather forecast. We will be right on the edge of some severe thunderstorms on Wednesday right here in Southeast Texas. They should stay off to the northeast of Houston, but it's possible from around Huntsville toward lake Livingston, could see some of those strong thunderstorms rumbling through during the late afternoon and early evening hours.

It will start off pretty sultry and sticky outside, with temperatures in the lower 70s. Keep in mind, we still average lows in the 50s at this time of year. 20% chance of a shower through the morning into the early afternoon. Then it bumps up to a 30% chance of a shower or a thunderstorm once we get into the evening, and it's going to be another breezy day, with high temperatures in the low 80s.

Here's FutureTrack. It shows just starting off with a cloudy sky and a few rain showers. Notice those thunderstorms that begin to develop between Waco and Lufkin around noontime. That's the line that we will monitor for the potential of any severe storms. Most likely, that would be in the vicinity of Lake Livingston, but we can't rule out that the tail end does produce a storm all the way into Houston. But if it does so, it wouldn't be until we get into the late evening hours.

Then we dry out Thursday and, boy, do we warm up. We don't call it "hot" till we get to 90, but we might as well do it 'cause we're forecasting a high of 89 degrees. Then on Friday, back to the upper 80s, and Friday evening, it gets a little more interesting. When it comes to our storm chances, they go up Friday night into Saturday morning as the next weather system rolls in, and this one could bring a better chance of-- even some severe thunderstorms to parts of Southeast Texas.

Once the rain clears out early Saturday, it's a mostly dry weekend, and the humidity drops, which drops our lows back into the 50s on Sunday. And next week, we get a stronger cool front that could bring in even more of those warnings in the 50s. I hope you enjoy the Wednesday ahead. We'll keep a careful eye on those storms for you.