Two dead after plane crashes in San Diego engulfing houses in flames

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A small twin-engine plane has crashed into a suburban neighbourhood near San Diego killing at least two people, authorities say.

The plane burst into flames after hitting houses in Santee, in San Diego County, California at 12:14pm on Monday.

Two houses were destroyed and a third was badly damaged, according to Fox5 San Diego.

Two people who were inside their homes home were taken to hospital suffering burn injuries, Santee Fire Chief John Garlow told ABC News.

The plane also hit a UPS truck.

An eyewitness said he saw the plane “bank and then drop” moments before the crash, and then saw a plume of smoke rising from the house.

Another witness wrote on Twitter that the impact “felt like an earthquake”.

The plane was reportedly attempting to land at nearby Gillespie Field airport.

The crash site was about two blocks away from the Santana High School.

The school issued a statement to reassure parents that all students were safe.

The San Diego Sheriff’s office said that a temporary evacuation point has been set up for people affected by the crash at the Cameron Family YMCA in Santee by the Southern California Red Cross.

They asked that motorists avoid the 9900 block of North Magnolia Avenue.

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