This Small-Town Inn Was Just Voted the Most Romantic Getaway in America

Candace Braun Davison
Photo credit: Brad Holland

From House Beautiful

On a tranquil, tree-lined street, just past Lafayette Square, is Savannah, Georgia's best-kept secret. At least, until now. The Hamilton-Turner Inn was recently named the best romantic hotel in the United States by USA Today, but don't take the newspaper's word for it—or that of the 1,688 reviews garnering it five stars on TripAdvisor. To truly appreciate this space, you need to see it for yourself.

The Inn allowed House Beautiful to tour the property, and in an exclusive interview, the designer who reimagined its lobby, Linn Gresham of Homeline Architecture, showed us how she created a space that honors the former private home's French Empire architecture, creating an idyllic space that transcends eras.

Photo credit: Brad Holland

"I love doing really modern interiors inside historic architecture," Gresham says. "I've always got really beautiful antiques—luckily, there are great antiques stores here—but I like to mix them in with modern, great-quality furnishings."

Watch the video above to get a true sense of the space, which is swathed in soothing shades of blue, as well as a Gresham signature: light walls and a bolder, darker ceiling. "Even if the ceiling's a little low, I'll put some tint on the ceiling, and it really does everything to hug a room in," she explains. "I think that that is a romance of its own."

Photo credit: Brad Holland
Photo credit: Brad Holland

Her parlor and dining room refreshes inspired further changes in the inn, so it'd all be visually aligned without competing with one another. The end result—plus a few noteworthy perks, like a complimentary breakfast in the morning (featuring homemade scones and egg dishes), and wine and hors d'oeuvres offered each night free of charge to hotel guests—helped cement this inn as a fan favorite.

With just 17 rooms, the hotel retains a sense of privacy (crucial for maintaining its sense of romance), but as it becomes increasingly well-known, it may be a little harder to snag a reservation, so if you're planning your next getaway, you better book now.

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