This Smart Cooking System Combines Sixteen Appliances In One Compact Unit

Scouted/The Daily Beast/CookingPal.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/CookingPal.

Living in a space with a teeny kitchen has its fair share of challenges—you can’t have more than two people in the kitchen at a time and you're limited to almost zero counter and cabinet space. This can be frustrating for this kitchen appliance hoarder whose kitchen counter is already filled to the brim with gizmos and gadgets. And while it's been great to have grown a collection of appliances—even beloved hand-me-downs—over the years, lately, I've been looking to cut down on the clutter by finding an all-in-one appliance that tackles multiple cooking tasks at a time. Thankfully, Multo by CookingPal would be the answer to my prayers, as this smart cooking system successfully combines sixteen appliances all into one unit.

That means you can chop, mix, steam, and cook without having to use two to three kitchen appliances at a time just to whip up a single dish. Even better is that this device is powered by a smart cooking tablet filled with a fleet of guided recipes to try, so you’ll never be stumped as to what you’re making for dinner again. This definitely was attractive to this home chef, who often finds herself making the same dishes night and night again.

Upon unboxing Multo, I was impressed by how gorgeous the unit was. Not only was it sleek, clean, and modern-looking, but I was truly fascinated by how it appeared like a processor, a blender, and a Kitchen Aid hybrid. Good looks aside, I was also intrigued by the package's other components— the iPad-like smart cooking tablet, a full-sized three-piece steamer set, measuring cup, butterfly whisk for whipping, a simmering basket, spatula, and blade to chop and stir. To use the Multo cooking system, start by plugging in the device and connecting it to the smart cooking tablet. After all, the tablet is the brain behind the Multo—it controls the device, has crucial how-to tutorials on cleaning and operating the unit, and allows you to select unique cooking functions such as steaming, kneading, and sauteing, plus a manual mode.

Multo By CookingPal Smart Countertop Multi-Functional Cooker

There's honestly not much this multi-purpose cooking unit can't do.

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Since it was my first time using Multo, I opted for two beginner-friendly recipes that had a simple ingredient list. First, I tried Multo’s guided nine-minute guacamole recipe, which had wonderfully illustrated step-by-step instructions for even the simplest of tasks like dee-seeding a tomato, peeling an avocado, and chopping an onion. The built-in scale from the unit was also well appreciated for this recipe, as it also makes sure your measurements are exact, so there’s no chance to screw it up. Similarly, the Multo spatula was handy—it pushed food ingredients down off the sides of the bowl, so everything inside gets blended easily. Above all, the turbo mode—which you have to unlock before using—used for this recipe was a delight. This mode allows the Multo’s blades to use high speed, grinding down the recipe ingredients until they were smooth, spreadable, and oh so creamy. How I got on making guac with a manual food masher for so long is unbelievable to me now. Next, I tried my hand at the creamy hummus recipe filled with zesty lemon and parsley, which proved to be a good experience from start to finish. Thanks to its beautifully illustrated steps—from draining chickpeas to peeling garlic to adding tahini to the mixing bowl—I was able to four-serving recipe of hummus in 38 minutes. Should I want to whip up more hummus in the future, I liked that you can adjust your recipe based on servings, and, in the end, enjoy cooking tips that’ll make your future batches of hummus more flavorful.

Cleaning this unit was also interesting. While the lid and blades are best washed by hand, the bowl itself can be washed by quick or deep cleaning functions powered by the smart tablet. The deep function, without a doubt, was most interesting to wash, as all you have to do is add dish detergent and hot water, run a complete deep clean cycle, and dump the water out when it’s done. While it’s not a thorough clean—I wiped it clean to remove residue from the bowl—it still beats having to scrub, wash, and rinse by hand.

Although I have not tried every recipe, I was pretty impressed by my short but memorable Multo experience. Since its guided recipes are clearly illustrated, its scale function prevents mishaps and its blades ensure food ingredients are blended, I can definitely see it being helpful to meal preppers who want to get ahead of workweek meals during the weekends. I can’t wait to see what kind of culinary collections I will create next with the helping hand of this device. After all, I have never made some rye bread or mixed berry french toast on my own before. However, I can’t go without acknowledging the pricing of the unit, which can be steep for some. Though, if you are looking for a way to revolutionize how you cook in the kitchen, this unit can be a considerable investment appliance to consider. Besides, since it replaces many appliances you already own, you won’t have to purchase another again.


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