Smoky air lingers over Athens area due to Canada wildfires

Pedestrians are seen walking this week in New York City where smoke from wildfires in Canada have created an unhealthy haze.

While states in the Northeast have been heavily impacted by smoke emerging from wildfires raging in Canada, the smoke made its way Wednesday into northeast Georgia.

“We are seeing it as a general hazing and we’ll continue to see it,” National Weather Service meteorologist Sam Marlow said Wednesday.

“We won’t see anything like New York is seeing, but we’ll have slightly degraded air quality,” he said about a state where the air quality is described as unhealthy.

In Athens, the air may affect only those who are particularly sensitive to air quality, according to Marlow.

Currently, he said there is a haze over the Athens area that will give the sky at sunset a red color.

The smoke is drifting south from Canada, where more than 160 wildfires in Quebec are active.

While this smoke has already moved into the Athens area, news outlets also report it has drifted as far south as Augusta and Columbia, S.C.

The weather service reports that cleaner air is moving south and on Thursday this should improve the air quality.

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This article originally appeared on Athens Banner-Herald: Smoky air drifting over Athens due to wildfires in Canada