Smoother Operation Seen At Dallas County's Fair Park Vaccination Site

Dallas County on Tuesday debuted a multi-lane vaccine drive-thru, but there were problems. The cold weather and generators not arriving on time led to hours-long wait times.

Video Transcript

- Dallas County, meanwhile, hoping for a much smoother operation at Fair Park's vaccination hub today after a fairly rough day yesterday. Reporter Erin Jones has a look.

ERIN JONES: The situation we saw yesterday didn't stop people from coming out today. But there was some anxiety.

As the lines started forming, people started stretching, warming up for what's ahead.

Were you a little nervous coming out here at all?

PEGGY BROWN: Oh yeah, yeah.

ERIN JONES: This is Peggy Brown's second attempt at getting her second shot this week, initially coming to Fair Park with her husband, but they didn't like what they saw.

PEGGY BROWN: The line was all, you know, and he said, no way. So we went home.

ERIN JONES: Yesterday, Dallas County debuted a multi-lane vaccine drive-through. But there were problems.

- Yeah, it probably could have been handled a little bit better.

ERIN JONES: The cold weather and generators not arriving in time led to hours-long wait times, eventually halting the whole operation. It resumed again today at noon, focusing on administering second doses to those who received their first dose here at Fair Park.

JAY MUSSER: We're surprised it's been very slow but smooth and continually moving.

SONJA MUSSER: It's well played out. It's just that there are no facilities for potties at all. And in this age group-- which most second shot people are in a certain age group-- you need to have porta potties.

ERIN JONES: Sonja Musser says something to aim for in the future. In Dallas, Erin Jones, CBS 11 News.