Snake massage in Egypt not for the faint-hearted

Not many would associate snakes with relaxation.

But a spa in Cairo is hoping that is about to change by introducing a new snake massage.

Live snakes slither on the backs and faces of customers looking for pain relief.

First oil is rubbed on a clients' back and then they use a combination of Pythons or around 28 different types of non-venomous snakes during the thirty-minute session.

Here's the verdict from customer Diaa Zein.

"After the snakes were placed on my back I felt a sense of relief and rejuvenation. I was nervous at first, scared of snakes being on my body, but the fear, anxiety and tension

was reduced and the session gave a sense of relaxation as the snakes went over my back and having them there boosted my self confidence."

The Spa owner claims snake massages are proven to reduce muscle and joint pain.

While also improving blood circulation and releasing endorphins.

But they're likely not for the faint-hearted.

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