Snap calls employees back to the office 4 days a week

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Snap requiring workers return to the office 80% of the time starting in February.

Video Transcript


- Play the music. Time for Cut for Time. Three stories, 1 minute each. We start with this. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel announced his expectation for workers to get back to the office-- return to the office 80% of the time beginning in February, as the social media company looks to bounce back from its 20% staff reduction back in August. Quite a way to look to bounce back, to tell everybody come back to the office.

- Yeah. For those who said the office was dead permanently, well, this is one of the many signs that's proving them wrong, I think, and also showing the pendulum is swinging back-- one of the many signs, right-- to show that the pendulum is swinging back towards employers in terms of holding the reins of power here in the marketplace.

- Snap's not alone. Yesterday was Bob Iger. In his presentation in front of employees, he said he believes in the power of the office. Thinks employees should be back there.

- The power of the office.

- The magic of the office.

- Oh. Yeah, that would be much more Disney, for him to say the magic of the office. Listen, we're here every day. I can say a word in praise of the magic of the office and in being in person with other people. You know I've been very consistent on this. I like being around other people in person.

- The printer runs way warmer here at the office than at Brad HQ, so--

- My printer doesn't even work at home.

- There's also paper here, so that's good. Yes.