How to use all of Snapchat’s new features from the Chat 2.0 update

Jacob Siegal

On Tuesday, Snapchat unleashed one of the more meaningful software updates its app has seen in recent months. Dubbed Chat 2.0, the new update allows users to jump straight from sending a message to initiating a voice or audio chat. If they aren't around, you can leave an audio message instead, but that's not all.

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When you receive a video call (which can be initiated with the video camera icon), you can choose to Ignore, Join or Watch. Ignore will cancel the call, Join will add you to the call with video and Watch will allow you join without using the camera.

Voice calls work in a similar fashion, but you'll need to tap the phone button instead. Once you've begun a voice conversation with someone, you can tap the phone button again to silence your microphone.

Don't want to talk or look at anyone's face? Send a sticker instead by tapping on the face icon on the right side of the menu bar.

These are all the improvements to the Chat screen, but Snapchat has also added Auto-Advance Stories, which are exactly what they sound like. Once one story ends, the one below it in your timeline will begin immediately, which means you can start at the top and keep watching until you're out of stories.

The update is available now on iOS and Android device.

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