Snapchat Makes You Happier Than Facebook Does, Says Study

Messaging app Snapchat provides a more enjoyable experience than Facebook does, according to a new study.

Snapchat is used to send short messages or photos that disappear after a few seconds.

Perhaps unfairly infamous for its popularity as a ‘sexting’ app, Snapchat’s spontaneous nature makes it a happier experience suggests new research.

With 100 million daily users, Snapchat is still a substantial way behind Facebook with its 1.5 global users, but offers a more immediate ‘face-to-face’ way of communicating.

Published in the journal ‘Information, Communication and Society’, the study questioned 154 college students at random times over two weeks as well as in-depth interview with 28 students.

Snapchat interactions were perceived as more enjoyable and associated with a more positive mood than Facebook and other communication platforms.

The research also suggested that Snapchat users were less concerned about self-presentation, probably because the images disappear after a few seconds rather than being stored in an online archive like Facebook.

While Snapchat made the respondents happy, Twitter, texting, emailing and voice calling were found to be more supportive.

H/T: MailOnline

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