Snapping Turtle Extremely Curious About Family On Cottage Dock

Snapping turtles are generally shy and reclusive animals that avoid contact with humans in most cases. But these reptiles are more intelligent and more curious than we give them credit for. Occasionally, this curiosity overcomes their caution and they will approach people to have a closer look. This is a remote lake in Northern Ontario that sees very few humans. A quiet family cottage is nestled in the trees on this small island. The dock is used infrequently and the atmosphere is generally peaceful and still. Animals come to the nearby shoreline to drink and snapping turtles float in the bay on sunny days or climb out on the rocks to bask in the sun. It's not unusual to see these things from a distance. But this very curious common snapping turtle has ventured right up to the dock and she is peering curiously at the family on the dock, as well as their dog. Several times each summer, the remnants of fish that are caught are left at the end of the dock for the resident turtles. It's very possible that hunger has brought this turtle over and she is hoping for a snack. As the turtle looks expectantly up towards this family, they are amused at her endearing expression. One of them gets into the water with a GoPro while the other family member records from the dock. The beagle is jealous of the attention that the turtle is getting and he tries to compete. It's a comical scene as they all laugh at this unusual visitor at the dock.