This sneaky kitten is a terrible and adorable little stalker

Cats are natural predators. They can't help but hunt and stalk. This one just happens to be exceedingly bad at it.

The 8-week-old kitten in question belongs to Twitter user @_TakivaBreanna. Her baby cat has developed a habit of hiding just behind a wall whenever she knows her human is approaching and then leaping out at just the right moment to surprise her much larger prey.

That's the apparent intent, anyway. The execution... could be better. See for yourself.

Listen, Tiny Cat. You have to be smarter about this. When your human sees you peering out from behind the wall, that means she knows you're lying in wait. Your efforts to scurry into position at the last minute don't really help, given that you've already been spotted.

Let's also talk about that pounce. What the eff, my little feline friend? You didn't jump forward at your prey; you jumped sideways, swinging your paws pointlessly through empty air. You shouldn't be hunting your person, let's be clear. But you're never going to catch any prey at all if you think that pounce is effective.

What I'm saying is: cat better, little kitty. And don't hunt your person! You'll learn. You have a mama who loves you. She's already turned you into an internet star. We can't wait to see what you'll do next.

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