‘SNL’ skewers Scientology with ‘Neurotology’ music video

‘SNL’ skewers Scientology with ‘Neurotology’ music video

One of the many highlights of HBOs explosive Scientology documentary "Going Clear" a We Are the World-style music video produced by the church in 1990 — was brilliantly skewered on Saturday Night Live” this week.

In the original version, We Stand Tall, Scientology leader David Miscavige leads the sing-along. In the SNL version, “Always Believe,” followers of the Church of Neurotology, led by Kate McKinnon, belt out praise for their religion.

Reach out your hand and follow, McKinnon sings. Ive got the code, the code to the key, the key to the secret, the secret of space — its Neurotology.

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Whats that, you ask?

Religion and science, intertwined — aliens live inside of our minds.

Bobby Moynihan cuts a pitch-perfect version of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, while Taran Killam plays an evil-eyed Miscavige.

In the style of Going Clear, the SNL video includes Where are they now? information for the chorus, with some missing, thrown off boat, sued to death and, in the case of Kenan Thompson, left after googling Neurotology.

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